1. Constraint Validation API

    API for better control over form field validation. Includes support for `checkValidity()`, `setCustomValidity()`, `reportValidity()` and validation states.

  2. IntersectionObserver V2

    Iteration on the original API that also reports if the element is covered by another element or has filters applied to it. Useful for blocking clickjacking attempts or tracking ad exposure.

  3. crashreportbody api: tojson

  4. cspviolationreportbody api: tojson

  5. deprecationreportbody api: tojson

  6. htmlbuttonelement api: reportvalidity

  7. interventionreportbody api: tojson

  8. permissionspolicyviolationreportbody api: tojson

  9. reportbody api: tojson

  10. reportingobserver api: `reportingobserver()` constructor

  11. report api: tojson

  12. headers http header: csp: content-security-policy: report-to

  13. headers http header: report-to