1. Audio Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple audio tracks. Useful for providing audio descriptions, director's commentary, additional languages, alternative takes, etc.

  2. CSS3 selectors

    Advanced element selection using selectors including: `[foo^="bar"]`, `[foo$="bar"]`, `[foo*="bar"]`, `:root`, `:nth-child()`, `:nth-last-child()`, `:nth-of-type()`, `:nth-last-of-type()`, `:last-child`, `:first-of-type`, `:last-of-type`, `:only-child`, `:only-of-type`, `:empty`, `:target`, `:enabled`, `:disabled`, `:checked`, `:not()`, `~` (general sibling)

  3. ::selection CSS pseudo-element

    The ::selection CSS pseudo-element applies rules to the portion of a document that has been highlighted (e.g., selected with the mouse or another pointing device) by the user.

  4. Document Object Model Range

    A contiguous range of content in a Document, DocumentFragment or Attr

  5. Directory selection from file input

    The `webkitdirectory` attribute on the `<input type="file">` element allows entire directory with file contents (and any subdirectories) to be selected.

  6. Multiple file selection

    Allows users to select multiple files in the file picker.

  7. Selection controls for input & textarea

    Controls for setting and getting text selection via `setSelectionRange()` and the `selectionStart` & `selectionEnd` properties.

  8. Selection API

    API for accessing selected content of a document, including the `window.getSelection()` method, as well as the `selectstart` & `selectionchange` events on `document`.

  9. Video Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple video tracks. Useful for providing sign language tracks, burnt-in captions or subtitles, alternative camera angles, etc.

  10. document api: getselection

  11. document api: `selectionchange` event

  12. htmlinputelement api: `selectionchange` event

  13. htmlinputelement api: selectiondirection

  14. htmlinputelement api: selectionend

  15. htmlinputelement api: selectionstart

  16. htmltextareaelement api: `selectionchange` event

  17. htmltextareaelement api: selectiondirection

  18. htmltextareaelement api: selectionend

  19. htmltextareaelement api: selectionstart

  20. permissions api: `speaker-selection` permission

  21. selection api

  22. selection api: addrange

  23. selection api: anchornode

  24. selection api: anchoroffset

  25. selection api: collapse

  26. selection api: collapsetoend

  27. selection api: collapsetostart

  28. selection api: collapse: `node` parameter is nullable

  29. selection api: collapse: `offset` parameter is optional

  30. selection api: containsnode

  31. selection api: containsnode: `partialcontainment` parameter is optional

  32. selection api: deletefromdocument

  33. selection api: `empty()` as alias of `removeallranges()`

  34. selection api: extend

  35. selection api: extend: `offset` parameter is optional

  36. selection api: focusnode

  37. selection api: focusoffset

  38. selection api: getrangeat

  39. selection api: iscollapsed

  40. selection api: modify

  41. selection api: rangecount

  42. selection api: removeallranges

  43. selection api: removerange

  44. selection api: selectallchildren

  45. selection api: setbaseandextent

  46. selection api: `setposition()` as alias of `collapse()`

  47. selection api: tostring

  48. selection api: type

  49. window api: getselection

  50. headers http header: feature-policy: speaker-selection