1. CSS3 Transitions

    Simple method of animating certain properties of an element, with ability to define property, duration, delay and timing function.

  2. PageTransitionEvent

    Fired at the Window when the page's entry in the session history stops being the current entry. Includes the `pageshow` and `pagehide` events.

  3. View Transitions API (single-document)

    Provides a mechanism for easily creating animated transitions between different DOM states, while also updating the DOM contents in a single step. This API is specific to single-document transitions, support for same-origin cross-document transitions is [being planned](https://github.com/WICG/view-transitions/blob/main/cross-doc-explainer.md).

  4. csstransition api

  5. csstransition api: transitionproperty

  6. element api: `transitioncancel` event

  7. element api: `transitionend` event

  8. element api: `transitionrun` event

  9. element api: `transitionstart` event

  10. navigateevent api: transitionwhile

  11. navigationtransition api

  12. navigation api: transition

  13. pagetransitionevent api

  14. pagetransitionevent api: `pagetransitionevent()` constructor

  15. pagetransitionevent api: persisted

  16. transitionevent api

  17. transitionevent api: elapsedtime

  18. transitionevent api: propertyname

  19. transitionevent api: pseudoelement

  20. transitionevent api: `transitionevent()` constructor

  21. viewtransition api

  22. viewtransition api: finished

  23. viewtransition api: ready

  24. viewtransition api: skiptransition

  25. viewtransition api: updatecallbackdone

  26. css at-rule: `@media`: `-webkit-transition` media feature

  27. css property: display: transitionable when setting `transition-behavior: allow-discrete`

  28. css property: transition

  29. css property: transition-behavior

  30. css property: transition-delay

  31. css property: transition-duration

  32. css property: transition-property

  33. css property: transition-property: all

  34. css property: transition-property: `ident` value

  35. css property: transition-property: none

  36. css property: transition-timing-function

  37. css property: transition-timing-function: `jump-` keywords for `steps()`

  38. css property: transition: gradients can be animated

  39. css property: transition: `transition-behavior` value

  40. css property: view-transition-name

  41. css property: view-transition-name: none

  42. css selector: `::after`: animation and transition support

  43. css selector: `::before`: animation and transition support

  44. css selector: `::marker`: animation and transition support

  45. css selector: `::view-transition`

  46. css selector: `::view-transition-group()`

  47. css selector: `::view-transition-image-pair()`

  48. css selector: `::view-transition-new()`

  49. css selector: `::view-transition-old()`