1. AV1 video format

    AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) is a royalty-free video format by the Alliance for Open Media, meant to succeed its predecessor VP9 and compete with the [HEVC/H.265](/hevc) format.

  2. HEVC/H.265 video format

    The High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression standard is a video compression format intended to succeed H.264. It is hard for browsers to universally support HEVC because it is [complex and expensive to license](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Efficiency_Video_Coding#Patent_licensing). HEVC competes with [AV1](/av1) which has similar compression quality and provides a free license.

  3. MPEG-4/H.264 video format

    Commonly used video compression format.

  4. Ogg/Theora video format

    Free lossy video compression format.

  5. Video element

    Method of playing videos on webpages (without requiring a plug-in). Includes support for the following media properties: `currentSrc`, `currentTime`, `paused`, `playbackRate`, `buffered`, `duration`, `played`, `seekable`, `ended`, `autoplay`, `loop`, `controls`, `volume` & `muted`

  6. Video Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple video tracks. Useful for providing sign language tracks, burnt-in captions or subtitles, alternative camera angles, etc.

  7. WebM video format

    Multimedia format designed to provide a royalty-free, high-quality open video compression format for use with HTML5 video. WebM supports the video codec VP8 and VP9.

  8. WebVTT - Web Video Text Tracks

    Format for marking up text captions for multimedia resources.

  9. videocolorspace api

  10. videocolorspace api: matrix

  11. videocolorspace api: tojson

  12. videocolorspace api: transfer

  13. videodecoder api

  14. videodecoder api: close

  15. videodecoder api: configure

  16. videodecoder api: decode

  17. videodecoder api: flush

  18. videodecoder api: reset

  19. videodecoder api: state

  20. videoencoder api

  21. videoencoder api: close

  22. videoencoder api: configure

  23. videoencoder api: encode

  24. videoencoder api: flush

  25. videoencoder api: reset

  26. videoencoder api: state

  27. videoframe api

  28. videoframe api: clone

  29. videoframe api: close

  30. videoframe api: codedheight

  31. videoframe api: codedrect

  32. videoframe api: codedwidth

  33. videoframe api: colorspace

  34. videoframe api: copyto

  35. videoframe api: displayheight

  36. videoframe api: displaywidth

  37. videoframe api: duration

  38. videoframe api: format

  39. videoframe api: timestamp

  40. videoframe api: visiblerect

  41. videoplaybackquality api

  42. videotrack api

  43. videotracklist api

  44. videotracklist api: length

  45. videotrack api: id

  46. videotrack api: kind

  47. videotrack api: label

  48. videotrack api: language

  49. videotrack api: selected

  50. videotrack api: sourcebuffer