1. WebTransport

    Protocol framework to send and receive data from servers using [HTTP3](/http3). Similar to [WebSockets](/websockets) but with support for multiple streams, unidirectional streams, out-of-order delivery, and reliable as well as unreliable transport.

  2. webtransport api

  3. webtransportbidirectionalstream api

  4. webtransportbidirectionalstream api: readable

  5. webtransportbidirectionalstream api: writable

  6. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api

  7. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: incominghighwatermark

  8. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: incomingmaxage

  9. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: maxdatagramsize

  10. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: outgoinghighwatermark

  11. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: outgoingmaxage

  12. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: readable

  13. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: writable

  14. webtransporterror api

  15. webtransporterror api: source

  16. webtransporterror api: streamerrorcode

  17. webtransporterror api: `webtransporterror()` constructor

  18. webtransport api: close

  19. webtransport api: closed

  20. webtransport api: createbidirectionalstream

  21. webtransport api: createunidirectionalstream

  22. webtransport api: createunidirectionalstream: byob reader support

  23. webtransport api: datagrams

  24. webtransport api: incomingbidirectionalstreams

  25. webtransport api: incomingunidirectionalstreams

  26. webtransport api: ready

  27. webtransport api: `webtransport()` constructor

  28. webtransport api: `webtransport()` constructor: `servercertificatehashes` option