1. CSS Logical Properties

    Logical properties and values provide control of layout through logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings. These properties are `writing-mode` relative equivalents of their corresponding physical properties.

  2. CSS text-orientation

    The CSS `text-orientation` property specifies the orientation of text within a line. Current values only have an effect in vertical typographic modes (defined with the `writing-mode` property)

  3. CSS writing-mode property

    Property to define whether lines of text are laid out horizontally or vertically and the direction in which blocks progress.

  4. css property: caption-side: `top` and `bottom` are relative to the `writing-mode` value

  5. css property: writing-mode: `horizontal-tb`, `vertical-lr`, and `vertical-rl`

  6. css property: writing-mode: `sideways-lr` and `sideways-rl`

  7. css property: writing-mode: `lr`, `lr-tb`, `rl`, `rl-tb`, `tb`, and `tb-rl`