1. LCH and Lab color values

    The `lch()` and `lab()` color functions are based on the CIE LAB color space, representing colors in a way that closely matches human perception and provides access to a wider spectrum of colors than offered by the usual RGB color space.

  2. Spellcheck attribute

    Attribute for `input`/`textarea` fields to enable/disable the browser's spellchecker.

  3. batterymanager api: `levelchange` event

  4. htmlelement api: spellcheck

  5. paymentresponse api: `payerdetailchange` event

  6. performancenavigationtiming api: criticalchrestart

  7. selection api: selectallchildren

  8. types: `<color>`: `lch()` (lch color model): mix `<percentage>` and `<number>` in parameters

  9. types: `<color>`: `lch()` (lch color model): relative lch colors

  10. types: `<color>`: `oklch()` (oklch color model)

  11. types: `<color>`: `oklch()` (oklch color model): mix `<percentage>` and `<number>` in parameters

  12. types: `<color>`: `oklch()` (oklch color model): relative oklch colors

  13. html element: textarea: spellcheck

  14. html attribute: spellcheck