1. CSS color() function

    The CSS `color()` function allows the browser to display colors in any color space, such as the P3 color space which can display colors outside of the default sRGB color space.

  2. LCH and Lab color values

    The `lch()` and `lab()` color functions are based on the CIE LAB color space, representing colors in a way that closely matches human perception and provides access to a wider spectrum of colors than offered by the usual RGB color space.

  3. #rrggbbaa hex color notation

    The CSS Color Module Level 4 defines new 4 & 8 character hex notation for color to include the opacity level.

  4. CSS3 Colors

    Method of describing colors using Hue, Saturation and Lightness (hsl()) rather than just RGB, as well as allowing alpha-transparency with rgba() and hsla().

  5. cssprimitivevalue api: getrgbcolorvalue

  6. ext_srgb api

  7. rgbcolor api

  8. rgbcolor api: blue

  9. rgbcolor api: green

  10. rgbcolor api: red

  11. webgl_compressed_texture_s3tc_srgb api

  12. css property: color-interpolation-filters: linearrgb

  13. css property: color-interpolation-filters: srgb

  14. css property: color-interpolation: `srgb` value

  15. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model)

  16. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model): alpha parameter

  17. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model): float values in parameters

  18. types: `<color>`: rgb hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbb`, `#rgb`, …)

  19. types: `<color>`: rgb hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbb`, `#rgb`, …): rgba hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbbaa`, `#rgba`)

  20. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model): mix `<percentage>` and `<number>` in parameters

  21. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model): relative rgb colors

  22. types: `<color>`: `rgb()` (rgb color model): space-separated rgb() parameters

  23. global_attributes: color-interpolation: srgb