1. CSS3 Border-radius (rounded corners)

    Method of making the border corners round. Covers support for the shorthand `border-radius` as well as the long-hand properties (e.g. `border-top-left-radius`)

  2. CSS Logical Properties

    Logical properties and values provide control of layout through logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings. These properties are `writing-mode` relative equivalents of their corresponding physical properties.

  3. CSS outline properties

    The CSS outline properties draw a border around an element that does not affect layout, making it ideal for highlighting. This covers the `outline` shorthand, as well as `outline-width`, `outline-style`, `outline-color` and `outline-offset`.

  4. css property: border-bottom-left-radius

  5. css property: border-bottom-left-radius: elliptical corners

  6. css property: border-bottom-left-radius: percentages

  7. css property: border-bottom-right-radius

  8. css property: border-bottom-right-radius: elliptical corners

  9. css property: border-bottom-right-radius: percentages

  10. css property: border-end-end-radius

  11. css property: border-end-start-radius

  12. css property: border-radius: 4 values for 4 corners

  13. css property: border-radius: elliptical borders

  14. css property: border-radius: percentages

  15. css property: border-start-end-radius

  16. css property: border-start-start-radius

  17. css property: border-top-left-radius

  18. css property: border-top-left-radius: elliptical corners

  19. css property: border-top-left-radius: percentages

  20. css property: border-top-right-radius

  21. css property: border-top-right-radius: elliptical corners

  22. css property: border-top-right-radius: percentages