1. BroadcastChannel

    BroadcastChannel allows scripts from the same origin but other browsing contexts (windows, workers) to send each other messages.

  2. Brotli Accept-Encoding/Content-Encoding

    More effective lossless compression algorithm than gzip and deflate.

  3. CSS box-decoration-break

    Controls whether the box's margins, borders, padding, and other decorations wrap the broken edges of the box fragments (when the box is split by a break (page/column/region/line).

  4. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  5. CSS page-break properties

    Properties to control the way elements are broken across (printed) pages.

  6. WebRTC Peer-to-peer connections

    Method of allowing two users to communicate directly, browser to browser using the RTCPeerConnection API.

  7. Vibration API

    Method to access the vibration mechanism of the hosting device.

  8. wbr (word break opportunity) element

    Represents an extra place where a line of text may optionally be broken.

  9. CSS3 word-break

    Property to prevent or allow words to be broken over multiple lines between letters.

  10. broadcastchannel api: close

  11. broadcastchannel api: `messageerror` event

  12. broadcastchannel api: `message` event

  13. broadcastchannel api: name

  14. broadcastchannel api: postmessage

  15. browsercapturemediastreamtrack api

  16. browsercapturemediastreamtrack api: clone

  17. browsercapturemediastreamtrack api: cropto

  18. document api: browsingtopics

  19. css property: break-after

  20. css property: break-after: always

  21. css property: break-after: auto

  22. css property: break-after: avoid

  23. css property: break-after: avoid-page

  24. css property: break-after: column

  25. css property: break-after: left

  26. css property: break-after: page

  27. css property: break-after: recto

  28. css property: break-after: right

  29. css property: break-after: verso

  30. css property: break-before

  31. css property: break-before: always

  32. css property: break-before: auto

  33. css property: break-before: avoid

  34. css property: break-before: column

  35. css property: break-before: left

  36. css property: break-before: page

  37. css property: break-before: recto

  38. css property: break-before: right

  39. css property: break-before: verso

  40. css property: break-inside

  41. css property: break-inside: auto

  42. css property: break-inside: avoid

  43. html element: br

  44. html element: br: clear

  45. android browser / webview

  46. uc browser for android

  47. samsung internet browser

  48. qq browser for android

  49. baidu browser for android

  50. kaios browser