1. Asynchronous Clipboard API

    A modern, asynchronous Clipboard API based on Promises

  2. Synchronous Clipboard API

    API to provide copy, cut and paste events as well as provide access to the OS clipboard.

  3. HTMLElement.innerText

    A property representing the text within a DOM element and its descendants. As a getter, it approximates the text the user would get if they highlighted the contents of the element with the cursor and then copied to the clipboard.

  4. clipboardevent api: clipboarddata

  5. clipboardevent api: `clipboardevent()` constructor

  6. clipboarditem api

  7. clipboarditem api: `clipboarditem()` constructor

  8. clipboarditem api: gettype

  9. clipboarditem api: presentationstyle

  10. clipboarditem api: supports_static

  11. clipboarditem api: types

  12. clipboarditem api: support for `image/svg+xml` mime type.

  13. clipboarditem api: support for custom formats starting with `web `.

  14. clipboard api: read

  15. clipboard api: readtext

  16. clipboard api: read: `formats.unsanitized` parameter

  17. clipboard api: supports `image/png` mime type

  18. clipboard api: supports `text/html` mime type

  19. clipboard api: supports `text/plain` mime type

  20. clipboard api: write

  21. clipboard api: writetext

  22. navigator api: clipboard

  23. permissions api: `clipboard-read` permission

  24. permissions api: `clipboard-write` permission