1. Blob constructing

    Construct Blobs (binary large objects) either using the BlobBuilder API (deprecated) or the Blob constructor.

  2. const

    Declares a constant with block level scope

  3. Constraint Validation API

    API for better control over form field validation. Includes support for `checkValidity()`, `setCustomValidity()`, `reportValidity()` and validation states.

  4. URL API

    API to retrieve the various parts that make up a given URL from a given URL string.

  5. blob api: `blob()` constructor

  6. comment api: `comment()` constructor

  7. constantsourcenode api

  8. constantsourcenode api: offset

  9. cssskew api: `cssskew()` constructor

  10. cssstylesheet api: `cssstylesheet()` constructor

  11. domquad api: `domquad()` constructor

  12. domrect api: `domrect()` constructor

  13. event api: `event()` constructor

  14. file api: `file()` constructor

  15. path2d api: `path2d()` constructor

  16. range api: `range()` constructor

  17. request api: `request()` constructor

  18. text api: `text()` constructor

  19. touch api: `touch()` constructor

  20. uievent api: `uievent()` constructor

  21. url api: `url()` constructor

  22. vttcue api: `vttcue()` constructor

  23. worker api: `worker()` constructor

  24. xrray api: `xrray()` constructor

  25. javascript built-in: int16array: `int16array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  26. javascript built-in: int32array: `int32array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  27. javascript built-in: int8array: `int8array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  28. javascript built-in: intl: collator: `collator()` constructor

  29. javascript built-in: intl: listformat: `listformat()` constructor

  30. javascript built-in: intl: locale: `locale()` constructor

  31. javascript built-in: intl: segmenter: `segmenter()` constructor

  32. javascript built-in: object: constructor

  33. javascript built-in: proxy: handler: construct

  34. javascript built-in: reflect: construct

  35. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.calendar interface: temporal.calendar constructor

  36. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.duration interface: temporal.duration constructor

  37. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.instant interface: temporal.instant constructor

  38. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.plaindatetime interface: temporal.plaindatetime constructor

  39. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.plaindate interface: temporal.plaindate constructor

  40. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.plainmonthday interface: temporal.plainmonthday constructor

  41. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.plaintime interface: temporal.plaintime constructor

  42. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.plainyearmonth interface: temporal.plainyearmonth constructor

  43. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.timezone interface: temporal.timezone constructor

  44. javascript built-in: temporal: temporal.zoneddatetime interface: temporal.zoneddatetime constructor

  45. javascript built-in: typedarray: constructor without parameters

  46. javascript built-in: typedarray: iterable in constructor

  47. javascript built-in: uint16array: `uint16array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  48. javascript built-in: uint32array: `uint32array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  49. javascript built-in: uint8array: `uint8array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  50. javascript classes: constructor