1. CSS3 text-align-last

    CSS property to describe how the last line of a block or a line right before a forced line break when `text-align` is `justify`.

  2. CSS text-box-trim & text-box-edge

    Provides the ability to remove the vertical space appearing above and below text glyphs, allowing more precise positioning and alignment. Previously specified as the `leading-trim` & `text-edge` properties.

  3. CSS text-indent

    The `text-indent` property applies indentation to lines of inline content in a block.

  4. CSS text-justify

    CSS property to define how text should be justified when `text-align: justify` is set.

  5. CSS text-orientation

    The CSS `text-orientation` property specifies the orientation of text within a line. Current values only have an effect in vertical typographic modes (defined with the `writing-mode` property)

  6. CSS text-wrap: balance

    Allows multiple lines of text to have their lines broken in such a way that each line is roughly the same width, often used to make headlines more readable and visually appealing.

  7. CSS3 Text-shadow

    Method of applying one or more shadow or blur effects to text

  8. CSS3 Text-overflow

    Append ellipsis when text overflows its containing element

  9. CSS text-size-adjust

    On mobile devices, the text-size-adjust CSS property allows Web authors to control if and how the text-inflating algorithm is applied to the textual content of the element it is applied to.

  10. CSS text-stroke and text-fill

    Method of declaring the outline (stroke) width and color for text.

  11. css property: appearance: textfield

  12. css property: text-align

  13. css property: text-align-last

  14. css property: text-align: center

  15. css property: text-align: end

  16. css property: text-align: left

  17. css property: text-align: `match-parent`

  18. css property: text-align: right

  19. css property: text-align: start

  20. css property: text-anchor

  21. css property: text-combine-upright

  22. css property: text-decoration

  23. css property: text-decoration-color

  24. css property: text-decoration-line

  25. css property: text-decoration-skip

  26. css property: text-decoration-skip-ink

  27. css property: text-decoration-thickness

  28. css property: text-emphasis-color

  29. css property: text-emphasis-position

  30. css property: text-emphasis-style

  31. css property: text-indent: `each-line`

  32. css property: text-indent: `hanging`

  33. css property: text-overflow: <string>

  34. css property: text-rendering

  35. css property: text-rendering: `auto`

  36. css property: text-transform

  37. css property: text-transform: capitalize

  38. css property: text-transform: math-auto

  39. css property: text-underline-offset

  40. css property: text-underline-position

  41. css property: text-wrap

  42. css property: text-wrap-mode

  43. css property: text-wrap-mode: nowrap

  44. css property: text-wrap-mode: wrap

  45. css property: text-wrap: `balance`

  46. css property: text-wrap: `nowrap`

  47. css property: text-wrap: `pretty`

  48. css property: text-wrap: `stable`

  49. css property: text-wrap: `wrap`

  50. css property: user-select: text