1. Datalist element

    Method of setting a list of options for a user to select in a text field, while leaving the ability to enter a custom value.

  2. dataset & data-* attributes

    Method of applying and accessing custom data to elements.

  3. Data URIs

    Method of embedding images and other files in webpages as a string of text, generally using base64 encoding.

  4. Object.observe data binding

    Method for data binding, a now-withdrawn ECMAScript 7 proposal

  5. Web SQL Database

    Method of storing data client-side, allows SQLite database queries for access and manipulation.

  6. blobevent api: data

  7. datacue api

  8. datacue api: type

  9. datacue api: value

  10. datatransfer api

  11. datatransferitem api

  12. datatransferitemlist api

  13. datatransferitemlist api: add

  14. datatransferitemlist api: clear

  15. datatransferitemlist api: length

  16. datatransferitemlist api: remove

  17. datatransferitem api: getasfile

  18. datatransferitem api: getasfilesystemhandle

  19. datatransferitem api: getasstring

  20. datatransferitem api: kind

  21. datatransferitem api: type

  22. datatransferitem api: webkitgetasentry

  23. datatransfer api: addelement

  24. datatransfer api: dropeffect

  25. datatransfer api: effectallowed

  26. datatransfer api: files

  27. datatransfer api: items

  28. datatransfer api: mozcursor

  29. datatransfer api: mozsourcenode

  30. datatransfer api: mozusercancelled

  31. datatransfer api: setdragimage

  32. datatransfer api: types

  33. dragevent api: datatransfer

  34. fetch api: support for blob: and data:

  35. htmlelement api: dataset

  36. idbfactory api: databases

  37. inputevent api: data

  38. inputevent api: datatransfer

  39. messageevent api: data

  40. mloperand api: datatype

  41. ndefrecord api: data

  42. pushevent api: data

  43. svgelement api: dataset

  44. textevent api: data

  45. html element: data

  46. html element: data: value

  47. data url scheme: css files

  48. data url scheme: html files

  49. data url scheme: javascript files

  50. data url scheme: top-level navigation blocked to data:// uris