1. EOT - Embedded OpenType fonts

    Type of font that can be derived from a regular font, allowing small files and legal use of high-quality fonts. Usage is restricted by the file being tied to the website

  2. Video Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple video tracks. Useful for providing sign language tracks, burnt-in captions or subtitles, alternative camera angles, etc.

  3. htmlmediaelement api: videotracks

  4. mediastream api: getvideotracks

  5. sourcebuffer api: videotracks

  6. videotrack api

  7. videotracklist api

  8. videotracklist api: `addtrack` event

  9. videotracklist api: `change` event

  10. videotracklist api: gettrackbyid

  11. videotracklist api: length

  12. videotracklist api: `removetrack` event

  13. videotracklist api: selectedindex

  14. videotrack api: id

  15. videotrack api: kind

  16. videotrack api: label

  17. videotrack api: language

  18. videotrack api: selected

  19. videotrack api: sourcebuffer