1. CSS Backdrop Filter

    Method of applying filter effects (like blur, grayscale or hue) to content/elements below the target element.

  2. CSS filter() function

    This function filters a CSS input image with a set of filter functions (like blur, grayscale or hue)

  3. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  4. accept attribute for file input

    Allows a filter to be defined for what type of files a user may pick with from an `<input type="file">` dialog

  5. SVG filters

    Method of using Photoshop-like effects on SVG objects including blurring and color manipulation.

  6. SVG effects for HTML

    Method of using SVG transforms, filters, etc on HTML elements using either CSS or the foreignObject element

  7. baseaudiocontext api: createiirfilter

  8. biquadfilternode api

  9. biquadfilternode api: `biquadfilternode()` constructor

  10. biquadfilternode api: detune

  11. biquadfilternode api: frequency

  12. biquadfilternode api: gain

  13. biquadfilternode api: getfrequencyresponse

  14. biquadfilternode api: q

  15. biquadfilternode api: type

  16. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: filter

  17. document api: createtreewalker: `whattoshow` and `filter` parameters are optional

  18. ext_texture_filter_anisotropic api

  19. iirfilternode api

  20. iirfilternode api: getfrequencyresponse

  21. iirfilternode api: `iirfilternode()` constructor

  22. nodeiterator api: filter

  23. offscreencanvasrenderingcontext2d api: filter

  24. paintrenderingcontext2d api: filter

  25. svgfilterelement api

  26. svgfilterelement api: filterunits

  27. svgfilterelement api: height

  28. svgfilterelement api: href

  29. svgfilterelement api: primitiveunits

  30. svgfilterelement api: width

  31. svgfilterelement api: x

  32. svgfilterelement api: y

  33. treewalker api: filter

  34. css property: filter

  35. css property: filter: on svg elements

  36. types: filter-function

  37. types: filter-function: `blur()`

  38. types: filter-function: `brightness()`

  39. types: filter-function: `contrast()`

  40. types: filter-function: `drop-shadow()`

  41. types: filter-function: `grayscale()`

  42. types: filter-function: `hue-rotate()`

  43. types: filter-function: `invert()`

  44. types: filter-function: `opacity()`

  45. types: filter-function: `saturate()`

  46. types: filter-function: `sepia()`

  47. javascript built-in: array: filter

  48. javascript built-in: typedarray: filter

  49. svg element: filter

  50. background-filter