1. CSS font-size-adjust

    Method of adjusting the font size in a matter that relates to the height of lowercase vs. uppercase letters. This makes it easier to set the size of fallback fonts.

  2. Variable fonts

    OpenType font settings that allows a single font file to behave like multiple fonts: it can contain all the allowed variations in width, weight, slant, optical size, or any other exposed axes of variation as defined by the font designer. Variations can be applied via the `font-variation-settings` property.

  3. fontfaceset api: size

  4. htmlfontelement api: size

  5. css at-rule: `@font-face`: size-adjust

  6. css property: font-size

  7. css property: font-size-adjust: from-font

  8. css property: font-size-adjust: none

  9. css property: font-size-adjust: two-value syntax

  10. css property: font-size: `math` keyword

  11. css property: font-size: `rem` values

  12. css property: font-size: `xxx-large` keyword

  13. html element: font: size

  14. javascript built-in: string: fontsize

  15. svg element: font-face: font-size

  16. global_attributes: font-size-adjust