1. :has() CSS relational pseudo-class

    Select elements containing specific content. For example, `a:has(img)` selects all `<a>` elements that contain an `<img>` child.

  2. Hashchange event

    Event triggered in JavaScript when the URL's hash has changed (for example: page.html#foo to page.html#bar)

  3. text-emphasis styling

    Method of using small symbols next to each glyph to emphasize a run of text, commonly used in East Asian languages. The `text-emphasis` shorthand, and its `text-emphasis-style` and `text-emphasis-color` longhands, can be used to apply marks to the text. The `text-emphasis-position` property, which inherits separately, allows setting the emphasis marks' position with respect to the text.

  4. audioparammap api: has

  5. cachestorage api: has

  6. customstateset api: has

  7. document api: hasfocus

  8. document api: hasprivatetoken

  9. document api: hasredemptionrecord

  10. document api: hasstorageaccess

  11. domimplementation api: hasfeature

  12. element api: hasattribute

  13. element api: hasattributens

  14. element api: hasattributes

  15. element api: haspointercapture

  16. eventcounts api: has

  17. fontfaceset api: has

  18. formdata api: has

  19. gamepadpose api: hasorientation

  20. gamepadpose api: hasposition

  21. hashchangeevent api

  22. hashchangeevent api: newurl

  23. hashchangeevent api: oldurl

  24. headers api: has

  25. highlightregistry api: has

  26. highlight api: has

  27. htmlanchorelement api: hash

  28. htmlareaelement api: hash

  29. keyboardlayoutmap api: has

  30. location api: hash

  31. mediakeystatusmap api: has

  32. midiinputmap api: has

  33. midioutputmap api: has

  34. navigateevent api: hashchange

  35. navigateevent api: hasuavisualtransition

  36. node api: haschildnodes

  37. popstateevent api: hasuavisualtransition

  38. pushmanager api: haspermission

  39. rtcstatsreport api: has

  40. sensor api: hasreading

  41. urlpattern api: hash

  42. urlpattern api: hasregexpgroups

  43. urlsearchparams api: has

  44. urlsearchparams api: has: `value` parameter

  45. url api: hash

  46. useractivation api: hasbeenactive

  47. workerlocation api: hash

  48. xranchorset api: has

  49. javascript built-in: map: has

  50. grammar: hashbang (`#!`) comment syntax