1. JavaScript modules via script tag

    Loading JavaScript module scripts (aka ES6 modules) using `<script type="module">` Includes support for the `nomodule` attribute.

  2. JavaScript modules: dynamic import()

    Loading JavaScript modules dynamically using the import() syntax

  3. Import maps

    Import maps allows control over what URLs get fetched by JavaScript `import` statements and `import()` expressions.

  4. HTML Imports

    Deprecated method of including and reusing HTML documents in other HTML documents. Superseded by ES modules.

  5. cssimportrule api

  6. cssimportrule api: href

  7. cssimportrule api: layername

  8. cssimportrule api: media

  9. cssimportrule api: stylesheet

  10. document api: importnode

  11. subtlecrypto api: importkey

  12. workerglobalscope api: importscripts

  13. workerglobalscope api: importscripts: strict mime type checks for `importscripts()`

  14. xsltprocessor api: importstylesheet

  15. css at-rule: `@import`

  16. css at-rule: `@keyframes`: ignore `!important` declarations

  17. html element: script: type: importmap

  18. javascript built-in: webassembly: module: imports

  19. grammar: trailing commas: trailing comma in dynamic import

  20. javascript operator: import

  21. javascript operator: `import.meta`

  22. javascript operator: import: the `options` parameter

  23. javascript statement: import

  24. javascript statement: import: import assertions

  25. javascript statement: import: import assertions: import assert {type: json}

  26. javascript statement: import: available in workers

  27. ecmascript 2020 (es11)