1. IntersectionObserver

    API that can be used to understand the visibility and position of DOM elements relative to a containing element or to the top-level viewport. The position is delivered asynchronously and is useful for understanding the visibility of elements and implementing pre-loading and deferred loading of DOM content.

  2. IntersectionObserver V2

    Iteration on the original API that also reports if the element is covered by another element or has filters applied to it. Useful for blocking clickjacking attempts or tracking ad exposure.

  3. intersectionobserver api

  4. intersectionobserverentry api

  5. intersectionobserverentry api: boundingclientrect

  6. intersectionobserverentry api: `intersectionobserverentry()` constructor

  7. intersectionobserverentry api: intersectionratio

  8. intersectionobserverentry api: intersectionrect

  9. intersectionobserverentry api: isintersecting

  10. intersectionobserverentry api: rootbounds

  11. intersectionobserverentry api: target

  12. intersectionobserverentry api: time

  13. intersectionobserver api: disconnect

  14. intersectionobserver api: `intersectionobserver()` constructor

  15. intersectionobserver api: `intersectionobserver()` constructor: `options.root` parameter can be a `document`

  16. intersectionobserver api: observe

  17. intersectionobserver api: root

  18. intersectionobserver api: rootmargin

  19. intersectionobserver api: scrollmargin

  20. intersectionobserver api: takerecords

  21. intersectionobserver api: thresholds

  22. intersectionobserver api: unobserve