1. asm.js

    An extraordinarily optimizable, low-level subset of JavaScript, intended to be a compile target from languages like C++.

  2. Audio Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple audio tracks. Useful for providing audio descriptions, director's commentary, additional languages, alternative takes, etc.

  3. Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString

    Date method to generate a language sensitive representation of a given date, formatted based on a specified locale and options.

  4. CSS font-feature-settings

    Method of applying advanced typographic and language-specific font features to supported OpenType fonts.

  5. Input Method Editor API

    Provides scripted access to the Input Method Editor (IME). An IME is often used to input characters from East Asian languages by typing roman characters and selecting from the resulting suggestions.

  6. Intl.PluralRules API

    API for plural sensitive formatting and plural language rules.

  7. text-emphasis styling

    Method of using small symbols next to each glyph to emphasize a run of text, commonly used in East Asian languages. The `text-emphasis` shorthand, and its `text-emphasis-style` and `text-emphasis-color` longhands, can be used to apply marks to the text. The `text-emphasis-position` property, which inherits separately, allows setting the emphasis marks' position with respect to the text.

  8. Video Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple video tracks. Useful for providing sign language tracks, burnt-in captions or subtitles, alternative camera angles, etc.

  9. XHTML served as application/xhtml+xml

    A strict form of HTML, and allows embedding of other XML languages

  10. audiotrack api: language

  11. htmlanchorelement api: hreflang

  12. htmlelement api: lang

  13. htmllinkelement api: hreflang

  14. htmltrackelement api: srclang

  15. navigator api: language

  16. navigator api: languages

  17. ndefrecord api: lang

  18. notification api: lang

  19. speechrecognition api: lang

  20. speechsynthesisutterance api: lang

  21. speechsynthesisvoice api: lang

  22. svgaelement api: hreflang

  23. svganimationelement api: systemlanguage

  24. svggraphicselement api: systemlanguage

  25. texttrack api: language

  26. videotrack api: language

  27. window api: `languagechange` event

  28. workerglobalscope api: `languagechange` event

  29. workernavigator api: language

  30. workernavigator api: languages

  31. xrcylinderlayer api: centralangle

  32. xrequirectlayer api: centralhorizontalangle

  33. xrequirectlayer api: lowerverticalangle

  34. xrequirectlayer api: upperverticalangle

  35. css property: font-language-override

  36. css selector: `:lang()`

  37. html element: area: hreflang

  38. html element: a: hreflang

  39. html element: link: hreflang

  40. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-language

  41. html element: script: language

  42. html element: track: srclang

  43. html attribute: lang

  44. headers http header: accept-language

  45. headers http header: content-language

  46. javascript built-in: intl: locale: language

  47. svg element: a: hreflang

  48. php

  49. python

  50. typescript