1. ::first-letter CSS pseudo-element selector

    CSS pseudo-element that allows styling only the first "letter" of text within an element. Useful for implementing initial caps or drop caps styling.

  2. CSS font-palette

    The font-palette CSS property allows selecting a palette from a color font. In combination with the `@font-palette-values` at-rule, custom palettes can be defined.

  3. CSS image-set

    Method of letting the browser pick the most appropriate CSS image from a given set.

  4. CSS Initial Letter

    Method of creating an enlarged cap, including a drop or raised cap, in a robust way.

  5. letter-spacing CSS property

    Controls spacing between characters of text (i.e. "tracking" in typographical terms). Not to be confused with kerning.

  6. autocomplete attribute: on & off values

    The `autocomplete` attribute for `input` elements indicates to the browser whether a value should or should not be autofilled when appropriate.

  7. let

    Declares a variable with block level scope

  8. audioworklet api

  9. audioworkletglobalscope api

  10. audioworkletglobalscope api: currentframe

  11. audioworkletglobalscope api: currenttime

  12. audioworkletglobalscope api: registerprocessor

  13. audioworkletglobalscope api: samplerate

  14. audioworkletnode api

  15. audioworkletnode api: `audioworkletnode()` constructor

  16. audioworkletnode api: parameters

  17. audioworkletnode api: port

  18. audioworkletnode api: `processorerror` event

  19. audioworkletprocessor api

  20. audioworkletprocessor api: `audioworkletprocessor()` constructor

  21. audioworkletprocessor api: port

  22. cache api: delete

  23. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: letterspacing

  24. cssfontpalettevaluesrule api

  25. cssfontpalettevaluesrule api: basepalette

  26. cssfontpalettevaluesrule api: fontfamily

  27. cssfontpalettevaluesrule api: name

  28. cssfontpalettevaluesrule api: overridecolors

  29. paintworkletglobalscope api

  30. paintworkletglobalscope api: devicepixelratio

  31. paintworkletglobalscope api: registerpaint

  32. range api: deletecontents

  33. text api: wholetext

  34. worklet api

  35. workletglobalscope api

  36. worklet api: addmodule

  37. css property: initial-letter-align

  38. css property: letter-spacing: svg support

  39. css selector: `::first-letter`: support for the dutch digraph `ij`

  40. html element: applet

  41. javascript built-in: date: tolocaletimestring

  42. javascript built-in: map: delete

  43. javascript built-in: proxy: handler: deleteproperty

  44. javascript built-in: reflect: deleteproperty

  45. javascript built-in: set: delete

  46. javascript built-in: weakmap: delete

  47. javascript built-in: weakset: delete

  48. javascript operator: delete

  49. javascript statement: let

  50. attributes: presentation: letter-spacing