1. theme-color Meta Tag

    Meta tag to define a suggested color that browsers should use to customize the display of the page or of the surrounding user interface. The meta tag overrides any theme-color set in the web app manifest.

  2. Proxy object

    The Proxy object allows custom behavior to be defined for fundamental operations. Useful for logging, profiling, object visualization, etc.

  3. Referrer Policy

    A policy that controls how much information is shared through the HTTP `Referer` header. Helps to protect user privacy.

  4. filesystementry api: getmetadata

  5. gestureevent api: metakey

  6. htmlmediaelement api: `loadedmetadata` event

  7. htmlmediaelement api: mozgetmetadata

  8. htmlmetaelement api

  9. htmlmetaelement api: content

  10. htmlmetaelement api: httpequiv

  11. htmlmetaelement api: media

  12. htmlmetaelement api: name

  13. htmlmetaelement api: scheme

  14. keyboardevent api: getmodifierstate: `"meta"` as `key` parameter

  15. keyboardevent api: metakey

  16. mediametadata api

  17. mediametadata api: album

  18. mediametadata api: artist

  19. mediametadata api: artwork

  20. mediametadata api: `mediametadata()` constructor

  21. mediametadata api: title

  22. mediasession api

  23. mediasession api: metadata

  24. metadata api

  25. metadata api: modificationtime

  26. metadata api: size

  27. mouseevent api: metakey

  28. rtcencodedaudioframe api: getmetadata

  29. rtcencodedvideoframe api: getmetadata

  30. svgmetadataelement api

  31. texttrack api: inbandmetadatatrackdispatchtype

  32. touchevent api: metakey

  33. html element: meta

  34. html element: meta: charset

  35. html element: meta: content

  36. html element: meta: http-equiv

  37. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-language

  38. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-security-policy

  39. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-type

  40. html element: meta: http-equiv: refresh

  41. html element: meta: http-equiv: set-cookie

  42. html element: meta: name

  43. html element: meta: name: color-scheme

  44. html element: meta: name: referrer

  45. html element: meta: name: theme-color

  46. html element: meta: scheme

  47. headers http header: content-security-policy: `<meta>` element support

  48. javascript operator: `import.meta`

  49. javascript operator: `import.meta`: `import.meta.resolve`

  50. svg element: metadata