1. Accelerometer

    Defines `Accelerometer`, `LinearAccelerationSensor` and `GravitySensor` interfaces for obtaining information about acceleration applied to the X, Y and Z axis of a device that hosts the sensor.

  2. Magnetometer

    Defines a concrete sensor interface to measure magnetic field in the X, Y and Z axis.

  3. meter element

    Method of indicating the current level of a gauge.

  4. progress element

    Method of indicating a progress state.

  5. Rest parameters

    Allows representation of an indefinite number of arguments as an array.

  6. accelerometer api: `accelerometer()` constructor

  7. accelerometer api: x

  8. accelerometer api: y

  9. accelerometer api: z

  10. htmlmeterelement api

  11. htmlmeterelement api: high

  12. htmlmeterelement api: labels

  13. htmlmeterelement api: low

  14. htmlmeterelement api: max

  15. htmlmeterelement api: min

  16. htmlmeterelement api: optimum

  17. htmlmeterelement api: value

  18. magnetometer api

  19. magnetometer api: `magnetometer()` constructor

  20. magnetometer api: x

  21. magnetometer api: y

  22. magnetometer api: z

  23. rtcrtpsender api: `getparameters()`

  24. rtcrtpsender api: `setparameters()`

  25. vrdisplay api: geteyeparameters

  26. vrdisplay api: stageparameters

  27. vreyeparameters api

  28. vreyeparameters api: fieldofview

  29. vreyeparameters api: maximumfieldofview

  30. vreyeparameters api: minimumfieldofview

  31. vreyeparameters api: offset

  32. vreyeparameters api: renderheight

  33. vreyeparameters api: renderwidth

  34. vrstageparameters api

  35. vrstageparameters api: sittingtostandingtransform

  36. vrstageparameters api: sizex

  37. vrstageparameters api: sizey

  38. css selector: `::-webkit-meter-bar`

  39. css selector: `::-webkit-meter-even-less-good-value`

  40. css selector: `::-webkit-meter-inner-element`

  41. css selector: `::-webkit-meter-optimum-value`

  42. css selector: `::-webkit-meter-suboptimum-value`

  43. html element: meter

  44. html element: meter: form

  45. html element: meter: high

  46. html element: meter: low

  47. html element: meter: max

  48. html element: meter: min

  49. html element: meter: optimum

  50. html element: meter: value