1. CSS zoom

    Non-standard method of scaling content.

  2. DOMMatrix

    The `DOMMatrix` interface represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations. Supersedes the `WebKitCSSMatrix` and `SVGMatrix` interfaces.

  3. CSS Flexible Box Layout Module

    Method of positioning elements in horizontal or vertical stacks. Support includes all properties prefixed with `flex`, as well as `display: flex`, `display: inline-flex`, `align-content`, `align-items`, `align-self`, `justify-content` and `order`.

  4. rem (root em) units

    Type of unit similar to `em`, but relative only to the root element, not any parent element. Thus compounding does not occur as it does with `em` units.

  5. Streams

    Method of creating, composing, and consuming streams of data, that map efficiently to low-level I/O primitives, and allow easy composition with built-in backpressure and queuing.

  6. CSS3 2D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element including rotating, scaling, etc. Includes support for `transform` as well as `transform-origin` properties.

  7. CSS3 3D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element in the third dimension using the `transform` property. Includes support for the `perspective` property to set the perspective in z-space and the `backface-visibility` property to toggle display of the reverse side of a 3D-transformed element.

  8. URLSearchParams

    The URLSearchParams interface defines utility methods to work with the query string of a URL.

  9. css api: ms

  10. customstateset api

  11. customstateset api: @@iterator

  12. customstateset api: add

  13. customstateset api: clear

  14. customstateset api: delete

  15. customstateset api: entries

  16. customstateset api: foreach

  17. customstateset api: has

  18. customstateset api: keys

  19. customstateset api: size

  20. customstateset api: values

  21. domstringlist api

  22. domstringlist api: contains

  23. domstringlist api: item

  24. domstringlist api: length

  25. domstringmap api

  26. element api: `mscontentzoom` event

  27. filesystemsync api

  28. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api

  29. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: close

  30. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: flush

  31. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: flush: synchronous implementation of the `flush()` method

  32. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: getsize

  33. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: read

  34. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: truncate

  35. filesystemsyncaccesshandle api: write

  36. filesystemsync api: name

  37. filesystemsync api: root

  38. htmlvideoelement api: msisstereo3d

  39. transformstream api

  40. transformstreamdefaultcontroller api

  41. transformstreamdefaultcontroller api: desiredsize

  42. transformstreamdefaultcontroller api: enqueue

  43. transformstreamdefaultcontroller api: error

  44. transformstreamdefaultcontroller api: terminate

  45. transformstream api: readable

  46. transformstream api: transferable

  47. transformstream api: `transformstream()` constructor

  48. transformstream api: writable

  49. javascript built-in: string: trimstart

  50. samsung internet browser