1. CSS background-position edge offsets

    Allows CSS background images to be positioned relative to the specified edge using the 3 to 4 value syntax. For example: `background-position: right 5px bottom 5px;` for positioning 5px from the bottom-right corner.

  2. CSS Motion Path

    Allows elements to be animated along SVG paths or shapes via the `offset-path` property. Originally defined as the `motion-path` property.

  3. caretposition api: offset

  4. caretposition api: offsetnode

  5. constantsourcenode api: offset

  6. htmlelement api: offsetheight

  7. htmlelement api: offsetleft

  8. htmlelement api: offsetparent

  9. htmlelement api: offsettop

  10. htmlelement api: offsetwidth

  11. mouseevent api: offsetx

  12. mouseevent api: offsety

  13. selection api: collapse: `offset` parameter is optional

  14. selection api: extend: `offset` parameter is optional

  15. svgcomponenttransferfunctionelement api: offset

  16. svgelement api: offsetheight

  17. svgelement api: offsetleft

  18. svgelement api: offsetparent

  19. svgelement api: offsettop

  20. svgelement api: offsetwidth

  21. svgfeoffsetelement api

  22. svgfeoffsetelement api: dx

  23. svgfeoffsetelement api: dy

  24. svgfeoffsetelement api: height

  25. svgfeoffsetelement api: in1

  26. svgfeoffsetelement api: result

  27. svgfeoffsetelement api: width

  28. svgfeoffsetelement api: x

  29. svgfeoffsetelement api: y

  30. svgstopelement api: offset

  31. visualviewport api: offsetleft

  32. visualviewport api: offsettop

  33. vreyeparameters api: offset

  34. css property: offset

  35. css property: offset-anchor

  36. css property: offset-distance

  37. css property: offset-path: supports the `path()` function as a value

  38. css property: offset-path: supports the `ray()` function as a value

  39. css property: offset-position

  40. css property: offset-rotate

  41. css property: outline-offset

  42. css property: text-underline-offset

  43. css property: text-underline-offset: percentage values

  44. types: `<position>`: four-value syntax for offset from any edge

  45. javascript built-in: dataview: byteoffset

  46. javascript built-in: date: gettimezoneoffset

  47. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.zoneddatetime interface: temporal.zoneddatetime.offset

  48. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.zoneddatetime interface: temporal.zoneddatetime.offsetnanoseconds

  49. javascript built-in: typedarray: byteoffset

  50. svg element: stop: offset