1. CSS3 image-orientation

    CSS property used generally to fix the intended orientation of an image. This can be done using 90 degree increments or based on the image's EXIF data using the "from-image" value.

  2. CSS text-orientation

    The CSS `text-orientation` property specifies the orientation of text within a line. Current values only have an effect in vertical typographic modes (defined with the `writing-mode` property)

  3. DeviceOrientation & DeviceMotion events

    API for detecting orientation and motion events from the device running the browser.

  4. Orientation Sensor

    Defines a base orientation sensor interface and concrete sensor subclasses to monitor the device’s physical orientation in relation to a stationary three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system.

  5. Screen Orientation

    Provides the ability to read the screen orientation state, to be informed when this state changes, and to be able to lock the screen orientation to a specific state.

  6. absoluteorientationsensor api

  7. absoluteorientationsensor api: `absoluteorientationsensor()` constructor

  8. audiolistener api: setorientation

  9. deviceorientationevent api

  10. deviceorientationevent api: absolute

  11. deviceorientationevent api: alpha

  12. deviceorientationevent api: beta

  13. deviceorientationevent api: `deviceorientationevent()` constructor

  14. deviceorientationevent api: gamma

  15. deviceorientationevent api: requestpermission

  16. elementinternals api: ariaorientation

  17. element api: ariaorientation

  18. gamepadpose api: hasorientation

  19. gamepadpose api: orientation

  20. orientationsensor api

  21. orientationsensor api: populatematrix

  22. orientationsensor api: quaternion

  23. pannernode api: orientationx

  24. pannernode api: orientationy

  25. pannernode api: orientationz

  26. pannernode api: setorientation

  27. relativeorientationsensor api

  28. relativeorientationsensor api: `relativeorientationsensor()` constructor

  29. screenorientation api

  30. screenorientation api: angle

  31. screenorientation api: `change` event

  32. screenorientation api: lock

  33. screenorientation api: type

  34. screenorientation api: unlock

  35. screen api: lockorientation

  36. screen api: orientation

  37. screen api: `orientationchange` event

  38. screen api: unlockorientation

  39. vrpose api: orientation

  40. window api: `deviceorientationabsolute` event

  41. window api: `deviceorientation` event

  42. window api: orientation

  43. window api: `orientationchange` event

  44. xrcubelayer api: orientation

  45. xrrigidtransform api: orientation

  46. css at-rule: `@media`: `orientation` media feature

  47. css at-rule: `@page`: `page-orientation` descriptor

  48. css property: image-orientation: `flip` & `<angle>`

  49. css property: text-orientation: `sideways`

  50. manifest: orientation