1. High Resolution Time API

    Method to provide the current time in sub-millisecond resolution and such that it is not subject to system clock skew or adjustments. Called using `performance.now()`

  2. Network Information API

    The Network Information API enables web applications to access information about the network connection in use by the device. Accessed via `navigator.connection`

  3. Resource Timing

    Method to help web developers to collect complete timing information related to resources on a document.

  4. User Timing API

    Method to help web developers measure the performance of their applications by giving them access to high precision timestamps.

  5. performance api

  6. performanceelementtiming api

  7. performanceelementtiming api: id

  8. performanceelementtiming api: url

  9. performanceentry api

  10. performanceentry api: duration

  11. performanceentry api: entrytype

  12. performanceentry api: name

  13. performanceentry api: starttime

  14. performanceentry api: tojson

  15. performanceeventtiming api

  16. performancelongtasktiming api

  17. performancemark api

  18. performancemark api: detail

  19. performancemeasure api

  20. performancemeasure api: detail

  21. performancenavigation api

  22. performancenavigationtiming api

  23. performancenavigation api: tojson

  24. performancenavigation api: type

  25. performanceobserver api

  26. performanceobserverentrylist api

  27. performanceobserver api: observe

  28. performancepainttiming api

  29. performanceresourcetiming api

  30. performanceservertiming api

  31. performanceservertiming api: name

  32. performancetiming api

  33. performancetiming api: connectend

  34. performancetiming api: domloading

  35. performancetiming api: fetchstart

  36. performancetiming api: tojson

  37. performance api: clearmarks

  38. performance api: clearmeasures

  39. performance api: eventcounts

  40. performance api: getentries

  41. performance api: getentriesbyname

  42. performance api: getentriesbytype

  43. performance api: mark

  44. performance api: measure

  45. performance api: memory

  46. performance api: navigation

  47. performance api: now

  48. performance api: timeorigin

  49. performance api: timing

  50. performance api: tojson