1. ImageCapture API

    The Image Capture API provides access to the Video Camera for taking photos while configuring picture-specific settings such as e.g. zoom or auto focus metering area.

  2. Picture element

    A responsive images method to control which image resource a user agent presents to a user, based on resolution, media query and/or support for a particular image format

  3. Picture-in-Picture

    Allows websites to create a floating video window that is always on top of other windows so that users may continue consuming media while they interact with other sites or applications on their device.

  4. documentpictureinpicture api

  5. documentpictureinpictureevent api

  6. documentpictureinpictureevent api: `documentpictureinpictureevent()` constructor

  7. documentpictureinpictureevent api: window

  8. documentpictureinpicture api: `enter` event

  9. documentpictureinpicture api: requestwindow

  10. documentpictureinpicture api: window

  11. document api: exitpictureinpicture

  12. document api: pictureinpictureelement

  13. document api: pictureinpictureenabled

  14. htmlpictureelement api

  15. htmlvideoelement api: disablepictureinpicture

  16. htmlvideoelement api: `enterpictureinpicture` event

  17. htmlvideoelement api: `leavepictureinpicture` event

  18. htmlvideoelement api: requestpictureinpicture

  19. pictureinpictureevent api

  20. pictureinpictureevent api: `pictureinpictureevent()` constructor

  21. pictureinpictureevent api: pictureinpicturewindow

  22. pictureinpicturewindow api

  23. pictureinpicturewindow api: height

  24. pictureinpicturewindow api: `resize` event

  25. pictureinpicturewindow api: width

  26. shadowroot api: pictureinpictureelement

  27. window api: documentpictureinpicture

  28. css at-rule: `@media`: `display-mode` media feature: `picture-in-picture` value

  29. css selector: `:picture-in-picture`

  30. html element: video: disablepictureinpicture

  31. headers http header: permissions-policy: picture-in-picture