1. EventTarget.addEventListener()

    The modern standard API for adding DOM event handlers. Introduced in the DOM Level 2 Events spec. Also implies support for `removeEventListener`, the [capture phase](https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-event-capturing_phase) of DOM event dispatch, as well as the `stopPropagation()` and `preventDefault()` event methods.

  2. ChildNode.remove()

    DOM node method to remove the node itself from the document.

  3. animation api: `remove` event

  4. animation api: browsers automatically remove indefinite filling animations

  5. bufferedchangeevent api: removedranges

  6. characterdata api: remove

  7. cssstyledeclaration api: removeproperty

  8. datatransferitemlist api: remove

  9. documenttype api: remove

  10. domtokenlist api: remove

  11. domtokenlist api: removes duplicates

  12. element api: remove

  13. element api: removeattribute

  14. element api: removeattributenode

  15. element api: removeattributens

  16. eventtarget api: removeeventlistener

  17. eventtarget api: removeeventlistener: form with `options` object supported (third parameter can be either options or a `boolean`, for backwards compatibility)

  18. eventtarget api: removeeventlistener: `usecapture` parameter is optional

  19. fetch api: `authorization` header removed from cross-origin redirects

  20. filesystemdirectoryentry api: removerecursively

  21. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: removeentry

  22. filesystementry api: remove

  23. filesystemhandle api: remove

  24. htmloptionscollection api: remove

  25. htmlselectelement api: remove

  26. mediakeysession api: remove

  27. mediasource api: removesourcebuffer

  28. mediastream api: removetrack

  29. mutationrecord api: removednodes

  30. namednodemap api: removenameditem

  31. namednodemap api: removenameditemns

  32. node api: removechild

  33. rtcpeerconnection api: removestream

  34. rtcpeerconnection api: removetrack

  35. selection api: removeallranges

  36. selection api: removerange

  37. sourcebuffer api: remove

  38. sourcebuffer api: removeasync

  39. sourcebuffer api: remove: available in workers

  40. storage api: removeitem

  41. svglengthlist api: removeitem

  42. svgnumberlist api: removeitem

  43. svgpointlist api: removeitem

  44. svgstringlist api: removeitem

  45. svgtransformlist api: removeitem

  46. texttrack api: removecue

  47. xmlhttprequest api: `authorization` header removed from cross-origin redirects

  48. xrinputsourceschangeevent api: removed

  49. xsltprocessor api: removeparameter

  50. headers http header: authorization: `authorization` header removed from cross-origin redirects