1. CSS resize property

    Method of allowing an element to be resized by the user, with options to limit to a given direction.

  2. CSS3 Cursors (original values)

    CSS3 cursor values added in the 2004 spec, including none, context-menu, cell, vertical-text, alias, copy, no-drop, not-allowed, nesw-resize, nwse-resize, col-resize, row-resize and all-scroll.

  3. Resize Observer

    Method for observing and reacting to changes to sizes of DOM elements.

  4. createimagebitmap api: `options.resizeheight` parameter

  5. createimagebitmap api: `options.resizequality` parameter

  6. createimagebitmap api: `options.resizewidth` parameter

  7. htmlframeelement api: noresize

  8. htmlvideoelement api: `resize` event

  9. mediastreamtrack api: applyconstraints: `resizemode` constraint

  10. pictureinpicturewindow api: `resize` event

  11. resizeobserver api

  12. resizeobserverentry api

  13. resizeobserverentry api: borderboxsize

  14. resizeobserverentry api: contentboxsize

  15. resizeobserverentry api: contentrect

  16. resizeobserverentry api: devicepixelcontentboxsize

  17. resizeobserverentry api: target

  18. resizeobserversize api

  19. resizeobserversize api: blocksize

  20. resizeobserversize api: inlinesize

  21. resizeobserver api: disconnect

  22. resizeobserver api: observe

  23. resizeobserver api: observe: `options.box` parameter

  24. resizeobserver api: `resizeobserver()` constructor

  25. resizeobserver api: unobserve

  26. visualviewport api: `resize` event

  27. window api: resizeby

  28. window api: resizeto

  29. window api: `resize` event

  30. css property: cursor: col-resize

  31. css property: cursor: e-resize

  32. css property: cursor: ew-resize

  33. css property: cursor: n-resize

  34. css property: cursor: ne-resize

  35. css property: cursor: nesw-resize

  36. css property: cursor: ns-resize

  37. css property: cursor: nw-resize

  38. css property: cursor: nwse-resize

  39. css property: cursor: row-resize

  40. css property: cursor: s-resize

  41. css property: cursor: se-resize

  42. css property: cursor: sw-resize

  43. css property: cursor: w-resize

  44. css property: resize: block

  45. css property: resize: support on block level, replaced, table cell, or inline block elements

  46. css property: resize: inline

  47. css selector: `::-webkit-resizer`

  48. html element: frame: noresize

  49. javascript built-in: arraybuffer: resize