1. CSS Backdrop Filter

    Method of applying filter effects (like blur, grayscale or hue) to content/elements below the target element.

  2. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  3. CSS Motion Path

    Allows elements to be animated along SVG paths or shapes via the `offset-path` property. Originally defined as the `motion-path` property.

  4. CSS3 2D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element including rotating, scaling, etc. Includes support for `transform` as well as `transform-origin` properties.

  5. CSS3 3D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element in the third dimension using the `transform` property. Includes support for the `perspective` property to set the perspective in z-space and the `backface-visibility` property to toggle display of the reverse side of a 3D-transformed element.

  6. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: rotate

  7. cssrotate api

  8. cssrotate api: angle

  9. cssrotate api: `cssrotate()` constructor

  10. cssrotate api: x

  11. cssrotate api: y

  12. cssrotate api: z

  13. dommatrixreadonly api: `rotate()`

  14. dommatrixreadonly api: `rotateaxisangle()`

  15. dommatrixreadonly api: `rotatefromvector()`

  16. dommatrix api: rotateaxisangleself

  17. dommatrix api: rotatefromvectorself

  18. dommatrix api: rotateself

  19. offscreencanvasrenderingcontext2d api: rotate

  20. paintrenderingcontext2d api: rotate

  21. svgtextpositioningelement api: rotate

  22. svgtransform api: setrotate

  23. css property: offset-rotate

  24. css property: rotate

  25. css property: rotate: x, y, or z axis name plus angle value

  26. types: filter-function: `hue-rotate()`

  27. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotate()`

  28. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotate3d()`

  29. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotatex()`

  30. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotatey()`

  31. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotatez()`

  32. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotatez()`

  33. svg element: altglyph: rotate

  34. svg element: animatemotion: rotate

  35. svg element: hatch: rotate

  36. svg element: text: rotate

  37. svg element: tspan: rotate