1. CSS3 Multiple column layout

    Method of flowing information in multiple columns

  2. SVG (basic support)

    Method of displaying basic Vector Graphics features using the embed or object elements. Refers to the SVG 1.1 spec.

  3. elementinternals api: ariacolspan

  4. elementinternals api: ariarowspan

  5. element api: ariacolspan

  6. element api: ariarowspan

  7. htmlspanelement api

  8. htmltablecellelement api: colspan

  9. htmltablecellelement api: rowspan

  10. htmltablecolelement api: span

  11. svgtspanelement api

  12. css property: column-span

  13. css property: column-span: all

  14. css property: column-span: none

  15. css property: hyphens: hyphenation dictionary for spanish (es, es-*)

  16. html element: colgroup: span

  17. html element: col: span

  18. html element: span

  19. html element: td: colspan

  20. html element: td: rowspan

  21. html element: td: rowspan: `rowspan` attribute with value `0` (extend to the end of the row group)

  22. html element: th: colspan

  23. html element: th: rowspan

  24. html element: th: rowspan: `rowspan` attribute with value `0` (extend to the end of the row group)

  25. svg element: tspan

  26. svg element: tspan: dx

  27. svg element: tspan: dy

  28. svg element: tspan: lengthadjust

  29. svg element: tspan: rotate

  30. svg element: tspan: textlength

  31. svg element: tspan: x

  32. svg element: tspan: y