1. Canvas (basic support)

    Method of generating fast, dynamic graphics using JavaScript.

  2. contenteditable attribute (basic support)

    Method of making any HTML element editable.

  3. CSS Feature Queries

    CSS Feature Queries allow authors to condition rules based on whether particular property declarations are supported in CSS using the @supports at rule.

  4. CSS.supports() API

    The CSS.supports() static method returns a Boolean value indicating if the browser supports a given CSS feature, or not.

  5. Resource Timing (basic support)

    Method to help web developers to collect complete timing information related to resources on a document.

  6. SVG (basic support)

    Method of displaying basic Vector Graphics features using the embed or object elements. Refers to the SVG 1.1 spec.

  7. TTF/OTF - TrueType and OpenType font support

    Support for the TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) outline font formats in @font-face.

  8. clipboarditem api: supports_static

  9. cssimportrule api: supportstext

  10. customelementregistry api: customized built-in element support

  11. domtokenlist api: supports

  12. fetch api: support for blob: and data:

  13. mediatrackconstraints api: suppresslocalaudioplayback

  14. mediatracksettings api: suppresslocalaudioplayback

  15. setinterval api: supports parameters for callback

  16. settimeout api: supports parameters for callback

  17. window api: getcomputedstyle: pseudo-element support

  18. worklet api: support for ecmascript modules

  19. css property: baseline-shift: super

  20. css property: display: list-item: supported on `<legend>`

  21. css property: font-variant-position: super

  22. css property: font-variant: super

  23. css property: font: support for `font-stretch` values in shorthand

  24. css property: resize: support on block level, replaced, table cell, or inline block elements

  25. css property: vertical-align: super

  26. css property: white-space: support on `<textarea>`

  27. css selector: `::after`: animation and transition support

  28. css selector: `::before`: animation and transition support

  29. css selector: `::marker`: animation and transition support

  30. html element: sup

  31. html attribute: title: multi-line support

  32. headers http header: content-security-policy: worker support

  33. headers http header: supports-loading-mode

  34. headers http header: supports-loading-mode: `credentialed-prerender` directive

  35. headers http header: supports-loading-mode: `fenced-frames` directive

  36. javascript built-in: intl: collator: supportedlocalesof

  37. javascript built-in: intl: datetimeformat: supportedlocalesof

  38. javascript built-in: intl: displaynames: supportedlocalesof

  39. javascript built-in: intl: durationformat: supportedlocalesof

  40. javascript built-in: intl: listformat: supportedlocalesof

  41. javascript built-in: intl: numberformat: supportedlocalesof

  42. javascript built-in: intl: pluralrules: supportedlocalesof

  43. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: supportedlocalesof

  44. javascript built-in: intl: segmenter: supportedlocalesof

  45. javascript built-in: intl: supportedvaluesof

  46. javascript built-in: json: javascript is a superset of json

  47. javascript built-in: string: sup

  48. javascript operator: super

  49. global_attributes: class: animation support

  50. emoji support