1. CSS Anchor Positioning

    Allows placing elements anywhere on the page relative to an "anchor element", without regard to the layout of other elements besides their containing block

  2. CSS3 object-fit/object-position

    Method of specifying how an object (image or video) should fit inside its box. object-fit options include "contain" (fit according to aspect ratio), "fill" (stretches object to fill) and "cover" (overflows box but maintains ratio), where object-position allows the object to be repositioned like background-image does.

  3. Pointer Lock API

    API that provides access to raw mouse movement data. This is done by ignoring boundaries resulting from screen edges where the cursor can't go beyond, providing proper control for first person or real time strategy games.

  4. Touch events

    Method of registering when, where and how the interface is touched, for devices with a touch screen. These DOM events are similar to mousedown, mousemove, etc.

  5. wbr (word break opportunity) element

    Represents an extra place where a line of text may optionally be broken.

  6. css property: overflow-wrap: `anywhere`

  7. css selector: `:where()`

  8. css selector: `:where()`: support for forgiving selector list

  9. css max-lines property