1. CSS Device Adaptation

    Method of overriding the size of viewport in web page using the `@viewport` rule, replacing Apple's own popular `<meta>` viewport implementation. Includes the `extend-to-zoom` width value.

  2. CSS touch-action property

    touch-action is a CSS property that controls filtering of gesture events, providing developers with a declarative mechanism to selectively disable touch scrolling (in one or both axes) or double-tap-zooming.

  3. CSS zoom

    Non-standard method of scaling content.

  4. CSS3 Cursors: zoom-in & zoom-out

    Support for `zoom-in`, `zoom-out` values for the CSS3 `cursor` property.

  5. ImageCapture API

    The Image Capture API provides access to the Video Camera for taking photos while configuring picture-specific settings such as e.g. zoom or auto focus metering area.

  6. wheelevent api: pinch-to-zoom maps to `wheelevent` + `ctrl` key.

  7. css property: touch-action: double-tap-zoom

  8. css property: touch-action: pinch-zoom

  9. css property: zoom: the `reset` value

  10. svg element: svg: zoomandpan

  11. svg element: view: zoomandpan