1. DOMMatrix

    The `DOMMatrix` interface represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations. Supersedes the `WebKitCSSMatrix` and `SVGMatrix` interfaces.

  2. CSS3 2D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element including rotating, scaling, etc. Includes support for `transform` as well as `transform-origin` properties.

  3. CSS3 3D Transforms

    Method of transforming an element in the third dimension using the `transform` property. Includes support for the `perspective` property to set the perspective in z-space and the `backface-visibility` property to toggle display of the reverse side of a 3D-transformed element.

  4. WebGL - 3D Canvas graphics

    Method of generating dynamic 3D graphics using JavaScript, accelerated through hardware

  5. WebGPU

    An API for complex rendering and compute, using hardware acceleration. Use cases include demanding 3D games and acceleration of scientific calculations. Meant to supersede WebGL.

  6. dommatrixreadonly api: `scale3d()`

  7. dommatrix api: `scale3dself()`

  8. gpusupportedlimits api: maxtexturedimension3d

  9. webgl2renderingcontext api: compressedteximage3d

  10. webgl2renderingcontext api: compressedteximage3d: `pixels` parameter accepts `sharedarraybuffer` type

  11. webgl2renderingcontext api: compressedtexsubimage3d

  12. webgl2renderingcontext api: copytexsubimage3d

  13. webgl2renderingcontext api: teximage3d

  14. webgl2renderingcontext api: teximage3d: `srcdata` parameter accepts `sharedarraybuffer` type

  15. webgl2renderingcontext api: texstorage3d

  16. webgl2renderingcontext api: texsubimage3d

  17. webgl2renderingcontext api: texsubimage3d: `srcdata` parameter accepts `sharedarraybuffer` type

  18. css at-rule: `@media`: `-webkit-transform-3d` media feature

  19. css property: scrollbar-3dlight-color

  20. types: `<transform-function>`: `matrix3d()`

  21. types: `<transform-function>`: `rotate3d()`

  22. types: `<transform-function>`: `scale3d()`

  23. types: `<transform-function>`: `translate3d()`

  24. x3dom