1. Blob URLs

    Method of creating URL handles to the specified File or Blob object.

  2. Email, telephone & URL input types

    Text input fields intended for email addresses, telephone numbers or URLs. Particularly useful in combination with [form validation](https://caniuse.com/#feat=form-validation)

  3. URL API

    API to retrieve the various parts that make up a given URL from a given URL string.

  4. URL Scroll-To-Text Fragment

    URL fragment that defines a piece of text to be scrolled into view and highlighted.

  5. URLSearchParams

    The URLSearchParams interface defines utility methods to work with the query string of a URL.

  6. url api

  7. urlpattern api

  8. urlpattern api: exec

  9. urlpattern api: hash

  10. urlpattern api: hasregexpgroups

  11. urlpattern api: hostname

  12. urlpattern api: password

  13. urlpattern api: pathname

  14. urlpattern api: port

  15. urlpattern api: protocol

  16. urlpattern api: search

  17. urlpattern api: test

  18. urlpattern api: username

  19. urlsearchparams api

  20. urlsearchparams api: @@iterator

  21. urlsearchparams api: append

  22. urlsearchparams api: delete

  23. urlsearchparams api: entries

  24. urlsearchparams api: foreach

  25. urlsearchparams api: get

  26. urlsearchparams api: getall

  27. urlsearchparams api: has

  28. urlsearchparams api: has: `value` parameter

  29. urlsearchparams api: keys

  30. urlsearchparams api: set

  31. urlsearchparams api: size

  32. urlsearchparams api: sort

  33. urlsearchparams api: tostring

  34. urlsearchparams api: values

  35. url api: `canparse()` static method

  36. url api: hash

  37. url api: host

  38. url api: hostname

  39. url api: href

  40. url api: origin

  41. url api: `parse()` static method

  42. url api: password

  43. url api: pathname

  44. url api: port

  45. url api: protocol

  46. url api: search

  47. url api: searchparams

  48. url api: tojson

  49. url api: tostring

  50. url api: username