1. Canvas blend modes

    Method of defining the effect resulting from overlaying two layers on a Canvas element.

  2. COLR/CPAL(v0) Font Formats

    The COLR table adds support for multi-colored glyphs in a manner that integrates with the rasterizers of existing text engines. COLRv0 only supports pure colors, does not support gradients, transformations and various blending modes.

  3. COLR/CPAL(v1) Font Formats

    COLRv1 is an improved version of COLRv0, this is also part of the OpenType specification. COLRv1 supports additional graphic capabilities. In addition to solid colors, gradient fills can be used, as well as more complex fills using other graphic operations, including affine transformations and various blending modes.

  4. CSS background-blend-mode

    Allows blending between CSS background images, gradients, and colors.

  5. Blending of HTML/SVG elements

    Allows blending between arbitrary SVG and HTML elements

  6. svgfeblendelement api: mode

  7. xrsession api: environmentblendmode

  8. css property: mix-blend-mode

  9. css property: mix-blend-mode: plus-darker

  10. css property: mix-blend-mode: plus-lighter

  11. css property: mix-blend-mode: on svg elements

  12. types: `<blend-mode>`

  13. svg element: feblend: mode