1. CSS Environment Variables env()

    Usage of environment variables like `safe-area-inset-top`.

  2. CSS font-stretch

    If a font has multiple types of variations based on the width of characters, the `font-stretch` property allows the appropriate one to be selected. The property in itself does not cause the browser to stretch to a font.

  3. CSS Variables (Custom Properties)

    Permits the declaration and usage of cascading variables in stylesheets.

  4. CSS font-feature-settings

    Method of applying advanced typographic and language-specific font features to supported OpenType fonts.

  5. CSS font-variant-alternates

    Controls the usage of alternate glyphs associated to alternative names defined in @font-feature-values for certain types of OpenType fonts.

  6. CSS font-variant-numeric

    CSS property that provides different ways of displaying numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers.

  7. Pointer events

    This specification integrates various inputs from mice, touchscreens, and pens, making separate implementations no longer necessary and authoring for cross-device pointers easier. Not to be mistaken with the unrelated "pointer-events" CSS property.

  8. cssfontfeaturevaluesrule api: charactervariant

  9. cssvariablereferencevalue api

  10. cssvariablereferencevalue api: `cssvariablereferencevalue()` constructor

  11. cssvariablereferencevalue api: fallback

  12. cssvariablereferencevalue api: variable

  13. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-variant

  14. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-variation-settings

  15. css at-rule: `@font-face`: src: `format('*-variations')`

  16. css at-rule: `@font-feature-values`: `@character-variant`

  17. css property: --*: `env()`: safe area inset variable `safe-area-inset-bottom`

  18. css property: --*: `env()`: safe area inset variable `safe-area-inset-left`

  19. css property: --*: `env()`: safe area inset variable `safe-area-inset-right`

  20. css property: --*: `env()`: safe area inset variable `safe-area-inset-top`

  21. css property: --*: `env()`: window controls overlay variable `titlebar-area-height`

  22. css property: --*: `env()`: window controls overlay variable `titlebar-area-width`

  23. css property: --*: `env()`: window controls overlay variable `titlebar-area-x`

  24. css property: --*: `env()`: window controls overlay variable `titlebar-area-y`

  25. css property: --*: `var()`

  26. css property: font-variant

  27. css property: font-variant-alternates: `annotation()`

  28. css property: font-variant-alternates: `character-variant()`

  29. css property: font-variant-alternates: `ornaments()`

  30. css property: font-variant-alternates: `styleset()`

  31. css property: font-variant-alternates: `stylistic()`

  32. css property: font-variant-alternates: `swash()`

  33. css property: font-variant-caps

  34. css property: font-variant-east-asian

  35. css property: font-variant-emoji

  36. css property: font-variant-ligatures

  37. css property: font-variant-position

  38. css property: font-variant: css fonts module level 3 shorthand

  39. css property: font-variant: font-variant-emoji

  40. css property: font-variant: greek accented characters

  41. css property: font-variant: historical-forms

  42. css property: font-variant: sub

  43. css property: font-variant: super

  44. css property: font-variant: `i` → `İ` and `ı` → `i`

  45. css property: font-variant: `ß` → `ss`

  46. css @apply rule