1. CSS content-visibility

    Provides control over when elements are rendered, so rendering can be skipped for elements not yet in the user's viewport.

  2. CSS Device Adaptation

    Method of overriding the size of viewport in web page using the `@viewport` rule, replacing Apple's own popular `<meta>` viewport implementation. Includes the `extend-to-zoom` width value.

  3. CSS position:sticky

    Keeps elements positioned as "fixed" or "relative" depending on how it appears in the viewport. As a result the element is "stuck" when necessary while scrolling.

  4. Element.getBoundingClientRect()

    Method to get the size and position of an element's bounding box, relative to the viewport.

  5. css at-rule: `@view-transition`

  6. css property: animation-timeline: `view()`

  7. css property: clip-path: view-box

  8. css property: mask-origin: `view-box`

  9. css property: object-view-box

  10. css property: object-view-box: none

  11. css property: transform-box: view-box

  12. css property: view-timeline

  13. css property: view-timeline-axis

  14. css property: view-timeline-axis: block

  15. css property: view-timeline-axis: inline

  16. css property: view-timeline-axis: x

  17. css property: view-timeline-axis: y

  18. css property: view-timeline-inset

  19. css property: view-timeline-inset: auto

  20. css property: view-timeline-name

  21. css property: view-transition-class

  22. css property: view-transition-class: none

  23. css property: view-transition-name

  24. css property: view-transition-name: none

  25. css selector: `::view-transition`

  26. css selector: `::view-transition-group()`

  27. css selector: `::view-transition-image-pair()`

  28. css selector: `::view-transition-new()`

  29. css selector: `::view-transition-old()`

  30. types: `<length>`: `dvb`, `dvh`, `dvi`, `dvmax`, `dvmin`, `dvw` units

  31. types: `<length>`: `lvb`, `lvh`, `lvi`, `lvmax`, `lvmin`, `lvw` units

  32. types: `<length>`: `svb`, `svh`, `svi`, `svmax`, `svmin`, `svw` units