1. CSS Animation

    Complex method of animating certain properties of an element

  2. CSS @scroll-timeline

    CSS property that allows animations to be driven by a container's scroll position

  3. getComputedStyle

    API to get the current computed CSS styles applied to an element. This may be the current value applied by an animation or as set by a stylesheet.

  4. prefers-reduced-motion media query

    CSS media query based on a user preference for preferring reduced motion (animation, etc).

  5. Web Animations API

    Lets you create animations that are run in the browser, as well as inspect and manipulate animations created through declarative means like CSS.

  6. CSS will-change property

    Method of optimizing animations by informing the browser which elements will change and what properties will change.

  7. cssanimation api

  8. cssanimation api: animationname

  9. css at-rule: `@media`: `-webkit-animation` media feature

  10. css property: animation-composition

  11. css property: animation-delay

  12. css property: animation-direction

  13. css property: animation-direction: `alternate-reverse`

  14. css property: animation-direction: `reverse`

  15. css property: animation-duration

  16. css property: animation-duration: `auto` value

  17. css property: animation-fill-mode

  18. css property: animation-iteration-count

  19. css property: animation-name

  20. css property: animation-play-state

  21. css property: animation-range

  22. css property: animation-range-end

  23. css property: animation-range-start

  24. css property: animation-timeline

  25. css property: animation-timeline: `scroll()`

  26. css property: animation-timeline: `view()`

  27. css property: animation-timing-function

  28. css property: animation-timing-function: `jump-` keywords for `steps()`

  29. css property: animation: `animation-timeline` included in shorthand

  30. css property: clip-path: animations

  31. css property: grid-template-columns: animation of tracks

  32. css property: grid-template-rows: animation of tracks

  33. css selector: `::after`: animation and transition support

  34. css selector: `::before`: animation and transition support

  35. css selector: `::marker`: animation and transition support

  36. types: `<basic-shape>`: animation