1. EventTarget.addEventListener()

    The modern standard API for adding DOM event handlers. Introduced in the DOM Level 2 Events spec. Also implies support for `removeEventListener`, the [capture phase](https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-event-capturing_phase) of DOM event dispatch, as well as the `stopPropagation()` and `preventDefault()` event methods.

  2. EOT - Embedded OpenType fonts

    Type of font that can be derived from a regular font, allowing small files and legal use of high-quality fonts. Usage is restricted by the file being tied to the website

  3. hidden attribute

    The `hidden` attribute may be applied to any element, and effectively hides elements similar to `display: none` in CSS.

  4. IndexedDB

    Method of storing data client-side, allows indexed database queries.

  5. IndexedDB 2.0

    Improvements to Indexed DB, including getAll(), renaming stores and indexes, and binary keys.

  6. Path2D

    Allows path objects to be declared on 2D canvas surfaces

  7. cache api: add

  8. cache api: addall

  9. contactaddress api

  10. contactaddress api: addressline

  11. contactaddress api: city

  12. contactaddress api: country

  13. contactaddress api: dependentlocality

  14. contactaddress api: organization

  15. contactaddress api: phone

  16. contactaddress api: postalcode

  17. contactaddress api: recipient

  18. contactaddress api: region

  19. contactaddress api: sortingcode

  20. contactaddress api: tojson

  21. hiddevice api

  22. hiddevice api: close

  23. hiddevice api: collections

  24. hiddevice api: forget

  25. hiddevice api: `inputreport` event

  26. hiddevice api: open

  27. hiddevice api: opened

  28. hiddevice api: productid

  29. hiddevice api: productname

  30. hiddevice api: receivefeaturereport

  31. hiddevice api: sendfeaturereport

  32. hiddevice api: sendreport

  33. hiddevice api: vendorid

  34. indexeddb api

  35. indexeddb api: available in workers

  36. path2d api: addpath

  37. paymentaddress api

  38. paymentaddress api: addressline

  39. paymentaddress api: city

  40. paymentaddress api: country

  41. paymentaddress api: dependentlocality

  42. paymentaddress api: organization

  43. paymentaddress api: phone

  44. paymentaddress api: postalcode

  45. paymentaddress api: recipient

  46. paymentaddress api: region

  47. paymentaddress api: sortingcode

  48. paymentaddress api: `tojson()`

  49. html element: dd

  50. html element: dd: nowrap