1. CSS Exclusions Level 1

    Exclusions defines how inline content flows around elements. It extends the content wrapping ability of floats to any block-level element.

  2. Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing

    Allows for the heights and widths to be specified in intrinsic values using the `max-content`, `min-content`, `fit-content` and `stretch` (formerly `fill`) properties.

  3. Picture-in-Picture

    Allows websites to create a floating video window that is always on top of other windows so that users may continue consuming media while they interact with other sites or applications on their device.

  4. Typed Arrays

    JavaScript typed arrays provide a mechanism for accessing raw binary data much more efficiently. Includes: `Int8Array`, `Uint8Array`, `Uint8ClampedArray`, `Int16Array`, `Uint16Array`, `Int32Array`, `Uint32Array`, `Float32Array` & `Float64Array`

  5. analysernode api: getfloatfrequencydata

  6. analysernode api: getfloattimedomaindata

  7. cssprimitivevalue api: getfloatvalue

  8. cssprimitivevalue api: setfloatvalue

  9. cssstyledeclaration api: cssfloat

  10. dommatrixreadonly api: `fromfloat32array()` static method

  11. dommatrixreadonly api: `fromfloat64array()` static method

  12. dommatrixreadonly api: `tofloat32array()`

  13. dommatrixreadonly api: `tofloat64array()`

  14. dommatrix api: `fromfloat32array()` static method

  15. dommatrix api: `fromfloat64array()` static method

  16. ext_color_buffer_float api

  17. ext_color_buffer_half_float api

  18. ext_float_blend api

  19. oes_texture_float api

  20. oes_texture_float_linear api

  21. oes_texture_half_float api

  22. oes_texture_half_float_linear api

  23. webgl_color_buffer_float api

  24. css property: -moz-float-edge

  25. css property: float

  26. css property: float: flow-relative values `inline-start` and `inline-end`

  27. types: <color>: `rgba()` (rgb color model): float values in parameters

  28. types: <color>: `rgb()` (rgb color model): float values in parameters

  29. javascript built-in: dataview: getfloat32

  30. javascript built-in: dataview: getfloat64

  31. javascript built-in: dataview: setfloat32

  32. javascript built-in: dataview: setfloat64

  33. javascript built-in: float32array

  34. javascript built-in: float32array: `float32array()` constructor

  35. javascript built-in: float32array: `float32array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  36. javascript built-in: float32array: `float32array()` constructor: `new float32array(iterable)`

  37. javascript built-in: float32array: `float32array()` constructor: `float32array()` without `new` throws

  38. javascript built-in: float64array

  39. javascript built-in: float64array: `float64array()` constructor

  40. javascript built-in: float64array: `float64array()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  41. javascript built-in: float64array: `float64array()` constructor: `new float64array(iterable)`

  42. javascript built-in: float64array: `float64array()` constructor: `float64array()` without `new` throws

  43. javascript built-in: number: parsefloat

  44. javascript built-in: parsefloat