1. CSS font-feature-settings

    Method of applying advanced typographic and language-specific font features to supported OpenType fonts.

  2. CSS font-variant-alternates

    Controls the usage of alternate glyphs associated to alternative names defined in @font-feature-values for certain types of OpenType fonts.

  3. CSS font-variant-numeric

    CSS property that provides different ways of displaying numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers.

  4. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: fontvariantcaps

  5. cssfontfeaturevaluesrule api: charactervariant

  6. fontface api: variant

  7. offscreencanvasrenderingcontext2d api: fontvariantcaps

  8. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-variant

  9. css at-rule: `@font-feature-values`: `@character-variant`

  10. css property: font-variant

  11. css property: font-variant-alternates: `annotation()`

  12. css property: font-variant-alternates: `character-variant()`

  13. css property: font-variant-alternates: `ornaments()`

  14. css property: font-variant-alternates: `styleset()`

  15. css property: font-variant-alternates: `stylistic()`

  16. css property: font-variant-alternates: `swash()`

  17. css property: font-variant-caps

  18. css property: font-variant-east-asian

  19. css property: font-variant-emoji

  20. css property: font-variant-ligatures

  21. css property: font-variant-position

  22. css property: font-variant: css fonts module level 3 shorthand

  23. css property: font-variant: font-variant-emoji

  24. css property: font-variant: greek accented characters

  25. css property: font-variant: historical-forms

  26. css property: font-variant: sub

  27. css property: font-variant: super

  28. css property: font-variant: `i` → `İ` and `ı` → `i`

  29. css property: font-variant: `ß` → `ss`

  30. svg element: font-face: font-variant