1. Pattern attribute for input fields

    Allows validation of an input field based on a given regular expression pattern.

  2. Lookbehind in JS regular expressions

    The positive lookbehind (`(?<= )`) and negative lookbehind (`(?<! )`) zero-width assertions in JavaScript regular expressions can be used to ensure a pattern is preceded by another pattern.

  3. canvaspattern api

  4. canvaspattern api: settransform

  5. canvaspattern api: settransform: accepts a `dommatrix2dinit`-like object parameter

  6. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: createpattern

  7. htmlinputelement api: pattern

  8. paintrenderingcontext2d api: createpattern

  9. svgpatternelement api

  10. svgpatternelement api: height

  11. svgpatternelement api: patterncontentunits

  12. svgpatternelement api: patterntransform

  13. svgpatternelement api: patternunits

  14. svgpatternelement api: width

  15. svgpatternelement api: x

  16. svgpatternelement api: y

  17. validitystate api: patternmismatch

  18. svg element: pattern

  19. svg element: pattern: height

  20. svg element: pattern: href

  21. svg element: pattern: patterncontentunits

  22. svg element: pattern: patterntransform

  23. svg element: pattern: patternunits

  24. svg element: pattern: width

  25. svg element: pattern: x

  26. svg element: pattern: `xlink:href`

  27. svg element: pattern: y