1. Printing Events

    Window fires `beforeprint` and `afterprint` events so the printed document can be annotated.

  2. Rebeccapurple color

    The new color added in CSS Color Module Level 4

  3. CSS widows & orphans

    CSS properties to control when lines break across pages or columns by defining the amount of lines that must be left before or after the break.

  4. Custom protocol handling

    Method of allowing a webpage to handle a given protocol using `navigator.registerProtocolHandler`. This allows certain URLs to be opened by a given web application, for example `mailto:` addresses can be opened by a webmail client.

  5. barprop api

  6. barprop api: visible

  7. barprop api: visible: returns `true` for non-popup windows

  8. gpurenderpassencoder api

  9. gpurenderpassencoder api: draw

  10. gpurenderpassencoder api: drawindexed

  11. gpurenderpassencoder api: drawindirect

  12. gpurenderpassencoder api: end

  13. gpurenderpassencoder api: label

  14. gpurenderpassencoder api: popdebuggroup

  15. gpurenderpassencoder api: setbindgroup

  16. gpurenderpassencoder api: setpipeline

  17. gpurenderpassencoder api: setviewport

  18. gpurenderpipeline api

  19. gpurenderpipeline api: label

  20. svgfemorphologyelement api

  21. svgfemorphologyelement api: height

  22. svgfemorphologyelement api: in1

  23. svgfemorphologyelement api: operator

  24. svgfemorphologyelement api: radiusx

  25. svgfemorphologyelement api: radiusy

  26. svgfemorphologyelement api: result

  27. svgfemorphologyelement api: width

  28. svgfemorphologyelement api: x

  29. svgfemorphologyelement api: y

  30. vrpose api

  31. vrpose api: angularacceleration

  32. vrpose api: angularvelocity

  33. vrpose api: linearacceleration

  34. vrpose api: linearvelocity

  35. vrpose api: orientation

  36. vrpose api: position

  37. xrpose api

  38. xrpose api: angularvelocity

  39. xrpose api: emulatedposition

  40. xrpose api: linearvelocity

  41. xrpose api: transform

  42. xrprojectionlayer api

  43. xrprojectionlayer api: fixedfoveation

  44. xrprojectionlayer api: ignoredepthvalues

  45. xrprojectionlayer api: texturearraylength

  46. xrprojectionlayer api: textureheight

  47. xrprojectionlayer api: texturewidth

  48. xrviewerpose api

  49. xrviewerpose api: views

  50. html element: rp