1. CSS Subgrid

    Feature of the CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2 that allows a grid-item with its own grid to align in one or both dimensions with its parent grid.

  2. Font unicode-range subsetting

    This @font-face descriptor defines the set of Unicode codepoints that may be supported by the font face for which it is declared. The descriptor value is a comma-delimited list of Unicode range (<urange>) values. The union of these ranges defines the set of codepoints that serves as a hint for user agents when deciding whether or not to download a font resource for a given text run.

  3. Attributes for form submission

    Attributes for form submission that may be specified on submit buttons. The attributes are: `formaction`, `formenctype`, `formmethod`, `formnovalidate`, and `formtarget`

  4. Subresource Integrity

    Subresource Integrity enables browsers to verify that file is delivered without unexpected manipulation.

  5. characterdata api: substringdata

  6. console api: debug: substitution strings

  7. console api: error: substitution strings

  8. console api: `exception` (an alias for `error`): substitution strings

  9. console api: info: substitution strings

  10. console api: log: substitution strings

  11. console api: warn: substitution strings

  12. cookiestoremanager api: subscribe

  13. crypto api: subtle

  14. crypto api: subtle: secure context required

  15. cssnumericvalue api: sub

  16. htmlformelement api: submit

  17. pushmanager api: subscribe

  18. submitevent api

  19. submitevent api: submitter

  20. subtlecrypto api

  21. subtlecrypto api: decrypt

  22. subtlecrypto api: derivebits

  23. subtlecrypto api: derivekey

  24. subtlecrypto api: digest

  25. subtlecrypto api: encrypt

  26. subtlecrypto api: exportkey

  27. subtlecrypto api: generatekey

  28. subtlecrypto api: importkey

  29. subtlecrypto api: secure context required

  30. subtlecrypto api: sign

  31. subtlecrypto api: unwrapkey

  32. subtlecrypto api: verify

  33. subtlecrypto api: available in workers

  34. subtlecrypto api: wrapkey

  35. vrdisplay api: submitframe

  36. window api: scrollx: subpixel precision

  37. window api: scrolly: subpixel precision

  38. html element: sub

  39. javascript built-in: atomics: sub

  40. javascript built-in: string: sub

  41. javascript built-in: string: substr

  42. javascript built-in: string: substring

  43. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.duration interface: temporal.duration.subtract()

  44. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.instant interface: temporal.instant.subtract()

  45. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.plaindatetime interface: temporal.plaindatetime.subtract()

  46. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.plaindate interface: temporal.plaindate.subtract()

  47. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.plaintime interface: temporal.plaintime.subtract()

  48. javascript built-in: typedarray: subarray

  49. javascript operator: subtraction (`-`)

  50. javascript operator: subtraction assignment (`x -= y`)