1. :in-range and :out-of-range CSS pseudo-classes

    If a temporal or number `<input>` has `max` and/or `min` attributes, then `:in-range` matches when the value is within the specified range and `:out-of-range` matches when the value is outside the specified range. If there are no range constraints, then neither pseudo-class matches.

  2. Media Queries: Range Syntax

    Syntax improvements to make media queries using features that have a "range" type (like width or height) less verbose. Can be used with ordinary mathematical comparison operators: `>`, `<`, `>=`, or `<=`. For example: `@media (100px <= width <= 1900px)` is the equivalent of `@media (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 1900px)`

  3. Document Object Model Range

    A contiguous range of content in a Document, DocumentFragment or Attr

  4. Font unicode-range subsetting

    This @font-face descriptor defines the set of Unicode codepoints that may be supported by the font face for which it is declared. The descriptor value is a comma-delimited list of Unicode range (<urange>) values. The union of these ranges defines the set of codepoints that serves as a hint for user agents when deciding whether or not to download a font resource for a given text run.

  5. Range input type

    Form field type that allows the user to select a value using a slider widget.

  6. characterboundsupdateevent api: rangeend

  7. csscounterstylerule api: range

  8. range api

  9. range api: clonecontents

  10. range api: collapse

  11. range api: collapsed

  12. range api: collapse: `tostart` parameter is optional

  13. range api: commonancestorcontainer

  14. range api: compareboundarypoints

  15. range api: comparenode

  16. range api: comparepoint

  17. range api: createcontextualfragment

  18. range api: deletecontents

  19. range api: detach

  20. range api: endcontainer

  21. range api: endoffset

  22. range api: extractcontents

  23. range api: getboundingclientrect

  24. range api: getclientrects

  25. range api: insertnode

  26. range api: intersectsnode

  27. range api: selectnode

  28. range api: selectnodecontents

  29. range api: setend

  30. range api: setendafter

  31. range api: setendbefore

  32. range api: setstart

  33. range api: setstartafter

  34. range api: setstartbefore

  35. range api: startcontainer

  36. range api: startoffset

  37. range api: surroundcontents

  38. range api: tostring

  39. selection api: rangecount

  40. textformat api: rangeend

  41. textformat api: rangestart

  42. validitystate api: rangeoverflow

  43. validitystate api: rangeunderflow

  44. webglshaderprecisionformat api: rangemax

  45. webglshaderprecisionformat api: rangemin

  46. css at-rule: `@counter-style`: range

  47. css at-rule: `@keyframes`: named timeline range keyframe selectors

  48. headers http header: range

  49. headers http header: range: cors-safelisted request header with single `bytes` range

  50. javascript built-in: rangeerror