1. AAC audio file format

    Advanced Audio Coding format, designed to be the successor format to MP3, with generally better sound quality.

  2. Audio element

    Method of playing sound on webpages (without requiring a plug-in). Includes support for the following media properties: `currentSrc`, `currentTime`, `paused`, `playbackRate`, `buffered`, `duration`, `played`, `seekable`, `ended`, `autoplay`, `loop`, `controls`, `volume` & `muted`

  3. Web Audio API

    High-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio

  4. Audio Tracks

    Method of specifying and selecting between multiple audio tracks. Useful for providing audio descriptions, director's commentary, additional languages, alternative takes, etc.

  5. FLAC audio format

    Popular lossless audio compression format

  6. MP3 audio format

    Popular lossy audio compression format

  7. Ogg Vorbis audio format

    Vorbis is a free and open source audio format, most commonly used with the Ogg container.

  8. Wav audio format

    Waveform Audio File Format, aka WAV or WAVE, a typically uncompressed audio format.

  9. audiobuffer api

  10. audiobuffer api: length

  11. audiocontext api: close

  12. audiodata api

  13. audiodata api: clone

  14. audiodata api: close

  15. audiodata api: copyto

  16. audiodata api: duration

  17. audiodata api: format

  18. audiodecoder api

  19. audiodecoder api: close

  20. audiodecoder api: flush

  21. audiodecoder api: reset

  22. audiodecoder api: state

  23. audiodestinationnode api

  24. audioencoder api

  25. audioencoder api: close

  26. audioencoder api: encode

  27. audioencoder api: flush

  28. audioencoder api: reset

  29. audioencoder api: state

  30. audiolistener api

  31. audiolistener api: upx

  32. audiolistener api: upy

  33. audiolistener api: upz

  34. audionode api

  35. audionode api: connect

  36. audionode api: context

  37. audioparam api

  38. audioparammap api

  39. audioparammap api: get

  40. audioparammap api: has

  41. audioparammap api: keys

  42. audioparammap api: size

  43. audioparam api: value

  44. audiotracklist api

  45. audiotrack api: enabled

  46. audiotrack api: id

  47. audiotrack api: kind

  48. audiotrack api: label

  49. audioworklet api

  50. audioworkletnode api